About Me


Latina, geek wannabe, amateur photographer, voracious reader, child advocate, work in progress.

We know your time is valuable and that you have many Facebook memes and Buzzfeed listicles to read so we appreciate that you have stopped by. Management reserves the right to bore you at a moment's notice. You have been warned.

Ah, the obnoxiously bad sense of humor. How you must have missed it!


About the Site

After a four (!) year hiatus, the blog is back. All the entries from 2001 to 2012 are currently living in another database. When or if they'll be merged is yet to be decided. So, let's hope this iteration is better than ever but, really, as we all know, lowered expectations are the key to happiness. So, for now, I'm just happy to have dusted off the cobwebs and gotten things back to a good enough shape to hold whatever may pop into my head.

At some point down the line I'd like to make sure the code behind this thing is solid but one thing at a time.

You can navigate around the site in various ways:

  • With the pagination links at the bottom of the home page. (Will be visible once I've posted more than 10 entries.)
  • Using the Previous Entry and Next Entry links on the individual post pages.
  • Using the calendar on the Archives page;
  • Additionally, each entry's categories will appear at the bottom of the entry. You can navigate to all the entries in a category by clicking on the category link. A list of the categories and their description appears below.

The site is powered by Expression Engine, a lot of trial and error, crazy levels of frustration, and my wanna-be geek tendencies. I have hopes that things will improve as I get back into the swing of tinkering with the space again.