Friday, May 10, 2019

Asking for a Friend

One of the things I believe about myself is that I’m not good at asking for help or asking for things for myself. I think this is true but it’s also hard to know exactly if my self perception matches reality. Additionally, this has led me to believe I also wouldn’t be good in jobs where I would be required to ask for donations, do fundraising. 

However, I’m starting to believe I could learn to be good at that kind of job - it would all depend on who I’m asking for. During this week’s children’s mental health awareness fair I noticed that one of the agencies was giving away a children’s book. I stared at the table for a minute, trying to decide the appropriateness of asking for books for kids that weren’t there and the fact that technically I was working. Basically doing what I do best - over thinking the shit out of the moment.

And then I decided, what the hell. Worst that happens is I get a no and I die of embarrassment. After I explained about the volunteer gig and that graduation is next week the lady let me take 8 books. So that made me happy. Later, when I was helping to clean up, a coworker asked me if I wanted a small bag of popcorn before she took the box away. “Actually,” I said, “can I have 8? I like to give the kids a snack.” She gave me the whole box which has about 30 bags I think. Score!

Free really is the best price. As I always say, you can take the girl out of El Salvador but you can’t take El Salvador out of the girl.

So, if I could find a job that pays me well* where I have to beg and steal uhm appropriate stuff for kids I might be halfway good at it. Maybe.

*the books aren’t gonna pay for themselves, you know.

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