Thursday, September 22, 2016

Blogging, Thy Name is Awkward

On any platform, however, oversharing is considered taboo. Or else “awkward.” Awkward is a ubiquitous teen word to denote socially unsanctioned behavior. It usually implies first- or secondhand embarrassment when you or a friend step outside the rules. Awkward doesn’t sound overtly judgmental or negative; it’s deliberately vague.

The above comes from an article in Wired about teens and social media. I read it a day or two after posting my previous post. So I could do nothing else but laugh when I read that quote. The girls, I’m sure, if they were to ever see the raw, painful post about my wish for a baby would label it the very definition of awkward. I knew as I was writing it an subsequently deciding to post it that it would fall under the TMI side of most people’s scale but, for me, writing/blogging is about the raw and painful. It was never just about posting the bland, non-descript parts of the day to day. So, while I acknowledge that the previous post was full of angst, I’m more than okay with having posted it.

That self-consciousness is nothing I miss about growing up and growing into my own. I still have doubts, clearly. To paraphrase Steinbeck, “to be alive is to have doubts.” The trick is to figure out whether one should care about them or move on. That’s a life long lesson. Indeed.

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Helene at 06:07pm on 09/24/2016

Yup. Absofrikkinlutely. (The last part of your top paragraph brought me back, what, 13,15 years? To what blogging was before that word came up and right after. There was something there that partially fizzed out [was bought out? transformed into many other things—all of these answers and more but it’s mostly POOF gone, vanished]. Them were the days. In some ways and for some things, I do feel a tinge of nostalgia.)

Patricia at 10:24pm on 09/28/2016

It was the evolution of the Status post, I think. Facebook just made it easier for people to consume information. There was no worrying about adding commenting tools, verifying for spam, etc. People just slowly migrated to what was simpler. And that, as with anything, has its pros and cons. I do miss the blogging days but I also acknowledge that it’s hard to maintain the habit. I was all gung ho about reviving the blog but it’s definitely easier said than done to add content.

Helene at 05:54pm on 10/03/2016

Yup yup yup. I read you loud and clear! And the captcha is radio84, how retro is that? grin

Patrick at 07:29pm on 10/09/2016

Found this post really interesting. I really like the quote “to be alive is to have doubts”.

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