Friday, January 22, 2016

Don’t Call It A Comeback

I have been here for years. If by here we mean the world wide web and not this blog or this domain specifically. I moved away from the blog for reasons that I can’t now remember and took to micro-blogging on Facebook and then Google+. And while I certainly have enjoyed the social aspects of those networks, I have missed the ability to really write, to do the brain dumps, the emotional word therapy that got me through much of the 2000s. I have also missed the creative outlet that coding and designing the blog (and sites) allowed. Granted, I don’t by any means harbor any grand delusions that I became a master coder or designer but it was fun to learn new coding tricks or to see something on the web that I had dreamt up and been able to give life to.

So, when Miss Bliss and Jules told me that they were reviving their blogs and asked if I wanted to join in on the fun, well, how could I say no?

It’s taken a little while to really get this back up and running, however. Being without a laptop (since March 2015) was a bit of a challenge and I had to get over the need to start over from scratch. To let go of the idea of bringing this back bigger, faster, stronger because, quite frankly, that sort of perfectionism is just the killer of dreams sometimes. So, I dusted off some old code, some old css (circa 2006, thank you very much) and here we are. I’m going to try and focus on the words for now. Maybe when I am able to get a nice shiny Mac again, I’ll shift some of the energy back to the coding, to tinkering with the behind the scenes stuff but for now this works. I have a box to type in, you have a place to comment if you wish. The rest will get sorted along the way.

So, thanks as always for reading. And let’s see what comes of it, shall we? I have stuff to say. Hopefully you’ll enjoy reading it again.

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Miss Bliss at 05:42pm on 01/22/2016

WAHOOOOOOO!!  Now we can really get this party started!!

Jules at 05:57pm on 01/22/2016

You are all hooked up on the REVIVAL BLOGROLL. Let me know if anyone else in your circle joins in. SO excited to have you back smile

Debbie at 08:07pm on 01/22/2016

So glad to see you back!  Jules is the Belushi of the internet for real.

Anna at 08:09pm on 01/22/2016

And with comments, too! So old school! Love it!

Jen at 08:48pm on 01/22/2016


Patricia at 09:47pm on 01/22/2016

Anna, gotta have the comments! You know it. smile

Helene at 01:08pm on 01/24/2016


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