Friday, September 09, 2016

I Have Always Thought of You

If there has been a day when I haven’t thought of you, I don’t remember it.
I have considered your name
Your laugh
Your smile.
I looked forward to your hugs
And sticky hands making a mess on my clothes.
In my mind, I have decorated your room a dozen times over.

I had a closet full of toys that were meant to be passed down to you.
Three years ago I packed up a box full of them and sent them to someone who would hopefully love them as I dreamed you would.
The box also carried my tears.

How, I wondered, would I teach you two languages?

I always thought, I said today, I’d frame this map and hang it in my child’s room.

I dream of you over and over again,
The happiest moments are those early minutes of my day when you’ve not yet faded away.

People tell me, meaning well, that I shouldn’t give up waiting for you.
I kept a couple of toys for you just in case.
And I still consider names.
I have always thought of you.
And I wait.

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Helene at 06:00pm on 09/24/2016


Patricia at 10:25pm on 09/28/2016

@Helene, thank you, my friend. <3

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