Wednesday, March 28, 2018

I Think I’m Supposed to Hate Facebook

Now, hating Facebook isn’t a new thing. Hating Facebook is actually a requirement both for the people who use it and those that don’t it seems like. “It’s intrusive, it’s annoying, it enables people to share about all the stuff that no one gives one damn about!” Sheesh. Don’t you know? Well, now there’s even more of a reason to hate it. It allowed people the ability to use data in bad ways. I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to care about that, to have feelings, strong ones.

But, truly, the only feelings I have about it all is passive guilt. Because, yes, I’m not living under a rock so I’m aware of what’s going on. I’ve seen a few folks delete their accounts or talk about deleting their accounts so it makes me think that I should be indignant about this. That I should care about the breach and on some level I suppose I do. I do wonder how all these words we’re putting out into the great void, all the data we share is used, for us, against us.

I can’t quite seem to build up the proper level of ire, however. Which doesn’t at all translate to a great love of the social networking site either. Over the last year, perhaps two, I seem to be using it less. Or I share fewer things anyway. I still log in every day to see what folks are sharing. I hit the react “button” more often than I comment but I still get a sense of staying connected. People rail about that false sense of engagement and I understand it. I don’t confuse that superficial level of interactions with real, meaningful connections. But we may be at a point where we can’t turn back. I’ve tried in the last month or so to text friends more often and it sometimes feels a bit like pulling teeth. It’s hard to say if that’s a sign of the times or just a sign that, as an introvert, I tend to be friends with introverts. And we’re not exactly known for our mad communication habits.

More than anything else, I appreciate the ability to stay connected to family in El Salvador. For that alone I can’t really contemplate shutting the account down. I could join the chorus and rail against the machine but for better or worse this is the medium that is easier for my extended family to use so here we are.

I have been thinking for a while now though that I probably need to get into the habit of not using Facebook/Twitter/Google as a shortcut to signing into other websites. If I’m taking anything away from all of this is that there is such as a thing as being too connected.

In conclusion, I wish people went back to blogging. And I miss dynamic blogrolls. My, how very 2003.

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Helene at 10:30am on 04/05/2018

I long for 2003 as well—on the blog/blogroll front.

I deleted my FB account, just before this whole new “scandal” (that wasn’t news to me either). My decision had to do with my own mental health as well as with my dislike of being profiled/followed/etc., even though I never saw an ad on FB (I’m allergic to them so I make sure not to trigger that allergy, ha!). I just had had enough. So that’s why I don’t react or comment anymore if/when you post things. I quit Twitter as well (I was on a roll, okay? hahaha).

I do miss Messenger. Since I don’t own a “smart” or cell phone, it was my way of being able to text people, and losing that opportunity is isolating (that and living in the country far from anyone really, and working from home to boot). I think the crap I’m feeling these days is related to all that—isolation, but also some withdrawal symptoms. It’ll sort itself out, I guess, in time. It usually does. Meanwhile, I’m glad you’re writing here more. It makes me feel less alone… in 2003 wink

Patricia at 08:40pm on 04/05/2018

I miss being able to text people via gmail. That really was the best function; can’t understand why google did away with that.

I’m too much of an introvert to completely detach, def wouldn’t be good for my mental health. You can always email me if you need to “chat.” Thank you for taking the time to read my words.

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