Wednesday, April 04, 2018

There must be away to turn this into a marketable skill

One day last week a coworker said to me, “you’re so good and fast at finding stuff.” This was after she mentioned a story she’d seen from Oprah on 60 Minutes (?) which she thought might interest me. In less than a minute I’d found the Oprah piece and the corresponding study and articles. Now, this isn’t terribly impressive as anything Oprah related is bound to be pretty easy to find but this is just another moment when my web search skills have been complimented. And I take a weird satisfaction in being able to hunt information down. I must have been a research librarian in a past life.

I mention this because I finally found something that I’ve been looking for for a while now. Not diligently mind you. Off and on when bored. I can’t even tell you why this has stuck in my head. Maybe it’s just that it proved to be so elusive and I can be stubborn. But today, I finally put in the right search terms and I found this sci-fi book I read in the 80s. Given how simple the terms were I’m amazed that it’s taken me years to track it down. (dudes. YEARS. If I dedicated this amount of focus to creating a new energy source I’m sure I’d be a gazillionaire by now. FACT.)

That this became a task for me is a mystery given that I don’t really have much interest in rereading the book. I do feel as if I should after the amount of time I’ve spent searching online for it. For now it’s enough to be able to say, “Yes! That’s the cover I remember!”

The Visitors cover

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Helene at 10:53am on 04/05/2018

Grandmaster, huh? Never heard of him! Worth looking into (the author if not the book itself), you think, or not?

I also think I’ve been a research librarian! But definitely not a private investigator. I suck at finding info about about people. Give me things to find out about, movies, songs, quotes (in my work I often have to find an official translation for obscure novel excerpts, and I usually succeed when they exist), but people? No. I don’t do people. (I don’t people!) wink

Patricia at 08:33pm on 04/05/2018

Probably not. I vaguely remember the story but it’s nothing I loved. I really have no clue why this book of the hundreds I read as a child/teen got stuck in my head. From the little I read about the author and his writing people don’t seem overly impressed.

I don’t tend to search for people so I’m not sure if I’d make a good PI either. I prefer people tell me about themselves personally.

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