Sunday, February 14, 2016

Wanna-be Geekiness

Part of the joy of blogging for me was always about being able to tinker with the site, the behind the scenes stuff that makes things run smoothly. When I said I would start blogging again I determined that I would put up a bare bones site so that I could focus on the writing. That decision was based on my need to not use the technical aspects to procrastinate further. The fact that I haven’t had a personal computer since March of 2015 helped with that decision. It’s hard to try and be geeky when I no longer have all the applications that I used to use to play around and experiment.

Thankfully I discovered that I had installed a more up to date version of Expression Engine (which I use to power the site) on the server at some point before the Macbook died. I could have used the old version, of course, but it’s buggy and I decided I’d start with a clean slate. At some point I’ll see about importing some old entries but I doubt I’ll bring back every single entry. That’s a decision for another day, however.

By mid-January I’d coded the templates for the home page and individual entry pages but left the archives template for another day. Mostly because I couldn’t quite remember how to get it done. In the last week not having that set up has been bugging me. So, last night, around 9:30 p.m. I opened up the dashboard, opened up the help documents and started tinkering. Five hours later, I’m finally finished (for now). I’ve been aware of the late hour for several hours now but I was enjoying myself - despite the frustrations I encountered. I am geeky enough to install a content management system, figure out how futz around with the code, but I’m not geeky enough for all of that to not be work.

Still, this has me thinking that I really need to figure out when I’ll be able to afford a new computer so that I can really spend time getting this place looking and working like I want. For now, it’s way past my bedtime.

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Anna at 02:56pm on 02/16/2016

You missed your calling. smile

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