Saturday, October 01, 2016

When It Twinges It Hurts

Are you ready to make fun of me, I asked?
Why, the friend replied.
That’s when I brought my arms forward and showed him the lovely wrist braces and shared that the doctor had diagnosed me with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

wrist braces

You’ve had quite a year, he said. I reminded him that it’s been quite the two years.

Last year basically started out with a diagnosis of cancer, it ended with a diagnosis of plantar fasciitis, which isn’t quite as (or at all) lethal but it’s painful as hell. If you haven’t had to deal with it, just trust me, it is. That lasted all the way through March of this year and now, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (or, CTS, if I may) on both wrists.

When the subject of my migraines comes up, I share with people that 20+ years of living with migraines has made me accustomed to being in pain but that doesn’t mean I get used to pain. So trying to get a good night’s sleep lately is basically impossible.

The hysterectomy had ripple effects that I’m still trying to cope with. The added pain issues don’t help; I don’t believe I get whiny when I’m in pain but I do get emotional and dealing with those moods takes a lot of mental energy. It’s draining on a lot of levels. But, such is life. At least, if I squint a bit and use a lot of imagination, I can make believe my wrist braces are more like Wonder Woman bracelets and I get to feel like I could take on any villain that gets in my way. Provided, of course, I don’t actually have to hit or block anything. That would be super painful!

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Helene at 05:52pm on 10/03/2016

Pain sucks. And it sucks even more because it doesn’t show. I live with someone who deals with chronic pain, and as an outsider it’s hard to remember, to know, to ask when things seem worse, to be turned down/away, etc. And it sucks to feel it too, as I know as well.

I definitely think you need to take those braces to a seemstress or an artist: make them look like they belong to you, Wonder Woman! grin

Pat at 07:38pm on 10/09/2016

Gosh looks painful I’m sure you are making through the tough time.

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