Saturday, February 04, 2017

Who needs drugs?

Photo of book inventory app

I don’t drink, nor do I have any experience, really, with mind altering medications. I have no frame of reference, then, to speak about feeling high. I imagine it must feel a bit like the way I felt tonight (albeit amplified by a hundred degrees) when I was using my smart phone to inventory my books.

It was a matter of simply opening the scan app, pointing the camera at the bar code and waiting for the beep that let me know the code had been read correctly. Under a minute I scanned about 20 books. As a frame of reference, when I first used the Delicious Library app about a decade ago, it took me longer than a minute to look up a book online, find a link I could import into the system or do the entry manually. To say the very least, it was a tedious chore. But now, with the magic and wonder that is a paired iPhone, the work is no work at all. I can’t wait until I am able to unpack my many many books and scan them all in.

Even if my computer hadn’t died several years ago and taken my old inventory with it, I probably would have started from scratch. Between giving/selling books, misplacing them, adding new ones, sometimes it’s just better to start fresh than to cull through hundreds of listings to figure out what I have or don’t have.

There’s probably a lesson in there somewhere, isn’t there? Holding on to things can become as much a habit as anything else. As hard as it may be, perhaps it’s best to just close your eyes, open up the hand and let go. Or you could just neglect to back up your computer in a way that makes sense and just let nature run its course, letting an old drive die a natural (unexpected) death. Whichever seems the most appropriate to you.

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Helene at 12:19pm on 02/05/2017

Ok, that’s the closest anyone’s ever come to making me want an iPhone. Being accessible all the time? No way. But this? Oh. My. Luckily for my wallet (and sanity), my old database still works and is not that far from reality (though it’s not perfect). So I’ll keep it… but I *will* look your way with envy.

Patricia at 06:27pm on 02/05/2017

I deleted the database once or twice before. It was tedious both times but I have a hard time not having it match my actual collection as closely as possible. This scanning app is gonna make that slight OCD tendency so much easier! :D

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